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How do I make a reservation?

You need to fill in the online reservation request on our web page. As soon as we get your reservation, we will contact you and let you know what you need to do to finalize your booking. Book Now

Where do you pick up divers?

Our first pick-up is at Marina Fonatur Cozumel. From there, we head south to pick up divers from hotels, villas or condos. Some hotels charge a fee for using their pier to pick up divers. Please ask your hotels when you are making your reservation.

How do we check in with you when we arrive in Cozumel?

If you are staying on the island, we will meet you the night before your first day of diving to pick up and try equipment, fill out the paperwork, talk about the details of your trips, take payment and answer all your questions.

If you are not staying on the island, you come to meet us at the Marina Fonatur Cozumel on the day of your dive trip.

Do you offer package deals for multiple days of diving?

Yes, we offer package deals starting from 3 or 4 two-tank dive trips and 5 or more two-tank dive trips. For price information, visit dive packages.

Can you take me to an specific reef? How are dive site chosen?

Yes. Please, let us know which reefs you are interested in and we will try our best to bring you there. Of course, we have to take into account divers’ skills and weather conditions. We never repeat a dive site. We repeat only if our divers ask for it.


What if I’m staying on the mainland (Playa del Carmen or Cancun)?

All our departures are from Cozumel. You will need to take the ferry at 7:00am from Playa del Carmen (30-40 min ride). When you arrive in Cozumel, you need to take a taxi to the Marina Fonatur Cozumeland we will meet you there.

Where is the dive shop located?

We work from home, so if you contact us to make a reservation, we will be more than happy to come and meet you wherever you are staying on the island.

Do you offer or arrange pick-up at the cruise ship terminal?

No. I’m afraid we can’t pick you up at the terminal. Only taxis may pick up from there. The Marina Fonatur Cozumel is just 5 to 10 minutes far away from the cruise ship terminal.

What time are your departures?

We have departures in the morning and afternoon leaving from the Marina Fonatur Cozumel at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. Night dive and Twilight / night dive departures change depending on the time of the year.

How long does it take to get to the reefs?

We are 25 to 35 minutes away from the farthest dive sites.

Can I clean and store my equipment at your base?

This is part of our service. We will take care of your equipment; we will rinse it every day with fresh water. The only gear that we don´t take care of is your wetsuit.


What are the water temperatures in Cozumel? Do I need a wetsuit?

The water temperature fluctuates throughout the seasons, ranging from 76F to 78F degrees in the winter (December to February), increasing to 78F to 80F degrees in the spring (March to May), and warming up further to 82F to 84F degrees in the summer (July to August). We strongly recommend the use of a wetsuit, primarily for protection against jellyfish. Additionally, keep in mind that the more extended your dive, the more susceptible you are to the cold.

What happens if someone in the group runs out of air before me?

We dive your profile. This means that divers and their partner/dive buddy stay underwater until either of them reaches 700 psi of pressure. Then the diver and buddy will need to ascend to the surface before the rest of the group, using the instructor buoy. We don´t cut the dives.

How many divers are on the dive boat?

Our boat “ODYSEA” is 29′ feet long. We limit our dive groups to 6 certified divers per Instructor/Divemaster. When we have beginner or rusty divers, we highly recommend that they have a private divemaster or do a refresher dive by boat so as not to inconvenience the more experienced divers. We specialize in small groups and personal attention. For divers doing certification dives, the limit is 1 or 2 students per instructor.

Can I dive without certification?

Of course. You can take the Discover Scuba Diving course in which an instructor will give you a short class and go through some exercises that you will then practise in a confined water environment. At the end of the practice, you continue your dive with your private instructor.

What if I have 10 logged dives or less?

Since you don’t have a lot of experience, you will need to have a private divemaster for, at least, your first day of diving.

We recommend this because we do multi-level computer dives, and you dive your profile. This means that if you can stay 60 – 75 minutes underwater with your tank, we dive that time with you.

We don’t cut anyone’s dive time BUT that also means that if you are making less bottom time than the other divers, you must be able (as certified divers) to ascend (in a buddy pair, of course) and make your safety stop by yourself, following the sausage buoy sent by the divemaster.

By experience, we know that beginner divers sometimes need help to do this correctly. Since the safety stop is very important, we ask beginner divers to have their own private divemaster ($50 USD) to monitor their buoyancy and be sure that they will be safe at all times.

What if I have not been diving in over a year?

We ask that our rusty divers do a refresher dive by boat for their first day of diving.

The refresher dive by boat is a classic two-tank dive trip, but with a private instructor who will give you a short class in the boat, reminding you of the basics of diving, and will practice some exercises with you at the beginning of the first dive.

That way, we will be sure that they are safe at all times and enjoy a comfortable return to the water.

Do you do night dives?

Yes, we do. Ask for them.

Do you supply Nitrox tanks?

Yes, Nitrox 32% and 36% are available for an additional charge. You need to let us know in advance.

Other Questions

Do you require dive insurance?

We don’t require it, but we highly recommend that you have it. You can get insurance from DAN (DIVERS ALERT NETWORK):

Can non-divers come along for the ride on the boat?

As long as we have the space on the boat, they are welcome to come on board.

How much should I tip the captain?

The average is between $5 to $10 USD per tank. If you do a 2 tank dive, the tip will be $10 to $20 USD for each diver. The crew will appreciate it.

Should I book in advance or should I wait until I arrive in Cozumel?

We highly recommend that you book in advance. This helps us to organize our groups in advance and give you a personalized service.

How do I make a reservation?

You need to fill in the online reservation request on our web page. As soon as we get your reservation, we will contact you and let you know what you need to do to finalize your booking.

What if I am unable to dive due to medical reasons after I purchased a package?

Due to MEDICAL REASONS, we refund you the days that you could not dive, as long as you notify us 24 hours in advance.

How do I make my payment?

Deposits are made through PAYPAL. When you arrive on the island, you need to pay the balance in CASH (USD or PESOS). We do not accept credit or debit cards. If you forget to bring cash with you, there are ATMS on the island that you can use.

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